Microsoft vs. Google in a Twitter Fight to the Death

In the red corner, fighting out of Redmond, Washington, with $86 billion in assets and 89,000 slave-driven employees . . .it's Microsoft! And in the blue corner, from Mountain View, California, commanding $46 billion in assets and helping 65 percent of the country find its porn . . . Google! Lllllllleeeettt's get ready Twumble!

The fight started yesterday shortly after Google accused Microsoft of stealing its search results for use on

After initially brushing off the finger-pointing, Microsoft published a blog entry defending its search engine and denying stealing anything.

Then it went to the Twitter mats, and things started to get nasty.

Microsoft's Frank X. Shaw Tweeted:

1. Don't be fooled. Google wants to change subject because they're under investigation in the US and Europe for manipulating search results.less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop


2. Google collects customer data from Chrome and Android. Pot calling kettle black? than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop

Now it's Google's Matt Cutts' turn. He Twote:

So far Bing's response seems to be "We don't copy Google's results. Of course we do." vs. than a minute ago via web


@jeremywright @brianlayman except that we created those arbitrary synthetic results, and they later appeared on Bing. Timeline is clear.less than a minute ago via web

Oh, snap!

Soon other techies weighed in, like New York programmer and RSS inventor Dave Winer. He posted a link to an earlier story:

Oooops looks like Google caught Microsoft cheating in search. than a minute ago via web

Shaw no likey:

Dave doubles down:

@fxshaw The evidence is pretty convincingless than a minute ago via web

Fuck you, Dave!

@davewiner Google had employees log onto ms customer feedback system and send results to Microsoft.less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop

No, fuck YOU, Frank!

@fxshaw @davewiner normal people call that "IE8".less than a minute ago via web

And one other thing, Matt:

@mattcutts hey if this whole engineering thing doesn't work out for you, try PR -- you've got the chops for it. ;)less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop

Other Microsofties like Scott Massey got involved:

Google\'s Childish Response To Microsoft Using Google To Increase Bing Relevance via @Techdirtless than a minute ago via Tweet Button

As did Google's main account:

Microsoft's Bing uses Google search results--and denies it than a minute ago via web

We could go on like this for a while, but you get the idea.

Hopefully, the next stop after Twitter will be a proper cage match, Schmidt vs. Ballmer, no holds barred. My money's on Ballmer. That dude's a beast.

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