Mayor Mike McGinn's Wife's Bike Stolen After Mayor Rides It to Work

McGinn bike03.jpg
"Peg is pissed." That's the take-away Tweet from Mayor Mike McGinn after he rode his wife's (Peg's) bike to work, but not back home.

The mayor first Tweeted that something might be amiss at about 10 p.m. last night.

I know I've been encouraging people to ride bikes more, but I didn't mean u could "borrow" my wife's bike w/o askingless than a minute ago via web

After that, P-I Reporter Casey McNerthney asked him if he meant what he thought he meant.

He did.

@mcnerthney Yes, stolen. After I rode it to work today. Peg is pissedless than a minute ago via web

Here's what the bike looks like:

mcginn bike01.jpg

If you see it, please call McGinn's office at 206-684-4000, and they'll forward a message to Peg to let Mike not sleep on the couch tonight.

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