Matt Hasselbeck and Jon Kitna Will Spend Super Bowl Sunday Tackling Internet Porn

What do NFL quarterbacks who aren't playing do on Super Bowl Sunday? Most of them watch it at home like normal people. But for Matt Hasselbeck and Jon Kitna, there's bigger fish to fry. Specifically: ridding the world of Internet porn.

Yes, our local aging QB and his even aging-er counterpart in Dallas have selected laptop pornography as their cause du jour to tackle on the biggest football day of the year. The two will take part in what a young, hipster-haired preacher from Las Vegas named Craig Gross has dubbed "National Porn Sunday."

As the organization, XXX Church, puts it:

This is the chance to bring hope to those who are struggling with pornography. For some it is ludicrous to link three X's with church and for others it is long overdue. The one undeniable truth that can't be ignored is the blatant push for all things sexual in our society. Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives. This weekend service brings healing to those sitting in churches who are caught up in pornography.

matt-hasselbeck stache.jpg
Matt Hasselbeck, back when porn even influenced his choice in mustaches.
So Hasselbeck, Kitna, and a few other current and retired NFLers will be at Gross' 7-month-old church in Dallas talking about how filthy you bastards are for ogling Jenna Haze, regardless of what she may be able to do with a golf ball and a garden hose.

Hasselbeck swears he doesn't have a personal issue with porn, but that hasn't stopped him from signing up for the church's website-tracking system, X3watch, which sends out alarming e-mails to his loved ones if he stumbles into a "questionable" site.

Per CNN:

"If I go to a site that's questionable, a teammate gets an e-mail and my wife gets an e-mail," Hasselbeck told CNN. "I thought about adding my mom too, but decided against that."

To each their own, I suppose. But personally, my only concern having to do with Internet pornography and Super Bowl Sunday is that I remember to wash the jalapeƱo popper residue off my hands once the game is over.

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