Maryland Teen Arrested for Using Hacked Xbox Live Account to Threaten School Shooting Rampage

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Investigators are calling the Columbine-style shooting threats made by a young Maryland boy though a hacked Xbox Live account a "teenage prank." As they say: Boys will be boys!

As The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports, the boy, whose name and age haven't been released, was arrested after another boy's Xbox Live account started sending out messages to all his friends that he was planning on bringing a gun to Berkeley Heights High School in New Jersey and shooting up the joint.

The Maryland suspect supposedly hijacked the New Jersey kid's account while whooping his ass at an unknown edition of Madden NFL.

Union County Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow tells the Star-Ledger:

"After obtaining this user name and password the Maryland teenager sent a message to nearly 100 people, including students at Berkeley Heights High School pretending to be the user."

The New Jersey kid was incredulous as to how the messages appeared, and actually it didn't take long to determine that he didn't send the threats since they said they were coming from Microsoft moderators. After that, it took minimal effort to trace the source of the messages to the little brat in Maryland who was promptly arrested.

And to add insult to injury, the threat-making kid didn't even get the school evacuated, as inclement weather forced the school to send them home early anyway.

Not to mention that getting arrested pretty much erases the ass-kicking that the suspect handed to the kid in Madden beforehand.

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