Hollie Beston, God-Awful Human, Sentenced to 29 Years in Prison for Videotaping Obese Husband Raping 4-Year-Old Daughter

It took eight months longer than it took to send her estranged husband Brian Beston to prison for 26 years to life, but Hollie Beston is now headed to the clink too, and for at least three years longer than her scumbag hubby.

The crime: She repeatedly videotaped her six-foot, 360-pound husband raping their 4-year-old daughter and sent the videos to another perv online.

As The Seattle Times reports today, Beston was handed her sentence by King County Superior Court Judge Mariane Spearman, which will guarantee she does at least 29 years, after which it will be up to state justice authorities as to whether she'll be released or forced to stay longer.

Hollie Beston
The crime originally came to light when one Richard Hockaday, a child molester who was facing his own 42 years for abusing a boy, turned in the Bestons after they began communicating on the web about all the terrible shit they like to do to kids.

So for more than three months Hockaday and the Bestons traded child porn.

brian beston01.jpg
Brian Beston
At one point, Hockaday e-mailed the couple saying he didn't believe they were actually raping the child. So to prove him wrong, Brian held up a sheet of paper with a current date on it to show that he was committing the crime in real time.

If all the other evidence didn't seal that case, that certainly did.

Now, Hollie, a woman who described herself on her MySpace page (since removed) as a "proud parent" and a "mommy," will find herself in a new role as fresh prison fish.

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