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UPDATE: The dashcam video that catches Ofc. Haynes kicking the suspect in the head is out. See it after the jump.

And the hits keep


Garth Haynes, Seattle Police Officer, Under Criminal Investigation for Stomping Man's Head During Bar Brawl

spd badge01.jpg
UPDATE: The dashcam video that catches Ofc. Haynes kicking the suspect in the head is out. See it after the jump.

And the hits keep on coming . . .

The Seattle Police Department's latest public disgrace comes courtesy of Ofc. Garth Haynes, who's now on desk duty and facing possible criminal charges stemming from a bar fight in Ballard last month in which "physical contact" (SPD's own term) was used on a handcuffed man who was lying on the ground.

UPDATE: KOMO News has dashcam video of the tail-end of the incident.

UPDATE: Mayor Mike McGinn just released this statement:

"The off-duty officer seen in the video is under investigation for improper use of force.The police officers on the scene immediately reported the incident. It will be investigated and recommendations for discipline made to the chief. We expect our officers to follow the highest standards of professional conduct. We need to do better."

As The Seattle Times reports, the incident happened around 1 a.m. on Dec. 12 outside the BalMar nightclub.

It all started when a woman supposedly walked out of the bar carrying jackets that belonged to Haynes and a friend he was drinking with while off-duty.

According to court documents, the two men followed the woman outside the bar and confronted her about the coats. The woman said they belonged to her friend and when Haynes pulled out his SPD badge she said "anybody can get one of those."

Eventually the woman gave the coats back to Haynes and his friend, but by now Haynes was on the phone with a 911 operator.

In the meantime a crowd had formed outside the bar, and some local dudes took offense to how Haynes and his buddy was talking to the lady.

Per the Times:

Three men followed Haynes and his friend and yelled at them to leave the woman alone, prompting Haynes to identify himself as a police officer and show his badge to them, according to the documents.

The three men are identified in the documents as Jake Keegan Baijot-Clary, 21; Simon Lee Thayer, 27; and Jason Reynold Lamb, 27.

As Haynes and his friend followed the woman, both were attacked from behind by the men, the documents say.

Backup officers supposedly arrived soon after the fight started, and managed to separate the brawling mob and put everyone in their respective corners.

But while they were interviewing everyone, Lamb supposedly got up and kicked Haynes in the head.

For some reason Haynes retaliated later by kicking a different guy, Baijot-Clary, in his head, "bouncing" it off the concrete while he was handcuffed face-down on the ground, according to his lawyer.

After Haynes' kick to the head, the other officers decided to report their colleagues' actions to his superiors, and Haynes was admonished and told to ride a desk while they investigate.

Lamb, Baijot-Clary, and Thayer were each charged with third-degree assault of a police officer.

At least part of the incident was captured on the dashcam of a responding officer's patrol car, though the video has yet to be released.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg's Chief of Staff Ian Goodhew says that prosecutors hadn't seen the video before they decided to open the investigation.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Justice Department's investigation into SPD's ongoing habit of beating/shooting people for highly questionable reasons continues.

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