Everett-Based Destroyer USS Momsen, 1; Somali Pirates, 0

This is what happens when a Navy destroyer catches some Somali pirates robbing a commercial vessel in the Gulf of Oman.

From the AP's report on Wednesday.

The shootout apparently went down on Feb. 2, though it's gone relatively unnoticed until now.

Yo ho ho:


And a bottle of rum:


According to the Navy, the Everett-based guided missile destroyer USS Momsen and the San Diego-based destroyer USS Bunker Hill received a distress signal from a commercial vessel, the Duqm.

When the Navy ships arrived, the pirates fled back to their mother ship in their skiffs like little bitches, and once they boarded it, the destroyers wasted no time in sending the smaller boats to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker.

For some reason the Navy left the pirate mothership intact.


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