Enrico M. Ponzo, aka Mafia Hitman Fugitive Jay Shaw, Found Living the Simple Life in Rural Idaho

Neighbors called him "Jay Shaw," sometimes "The New Yorker." He moved to Marsing, Idaho, nine years ago, and though he didn't know a lick about farming, he was a whiz with a gun. He had a New England accent, could fix almost any computer, and paid for everything with cash. But at a hearing on Wednesday, "Shaw" admitted to a judge in Boise that "My name is Enrico M. Ponzo."

Mind you, that's the same Enrico M. Ponzo who has for 17 years been quite successful at eluding the clutches of federal investigators who wanted him in connection with the botched hit on Francis "Cadillac Frank" Salemme, the ex-head of the Patriarca family of La Cosa Nostra--plus a host of racketeering and conspiracy charges.

In Marsing, Ponzo eventually fit right in. He bought some cows, served on the local water board, and impressed the townsfolk with his arsenal of guns.

In fact, as the AP reports, when FBI agents arrested him, they found 38 firearms, along with $15,000 and a 100-ounce bar of either gold or silver.

He was reportedly "relaxed" during his court appearance on Wednesday, although he did have some concerns about what would become of his life on the farm.

His next-door neighbor describes a phone call she received from him:

"He called me from the Ada County Jail," (Bodie) Clapier said. "He said 'I've been arrested, it's all a bunch of (expletive), but I'm going to be in here for a long time. Would you please feed my cows?'"
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