Dog Breaks Xbox Game, Girls Tweets Sadness, Game Company Sends Replacement + Bonus

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Here's a feel-good story for your Thursday morning. It involves a cute dog, a cute girl, a terrible tragedy and an unexpected act of awesomeness.

Ashley, 22, from Ohio, was having a super-good time playing Dead Space 2 for Xbox 360 when her goofy dog ran in and knocked it off her table.

It crashed to the ground, rendering the game useless and Ashley in a state of panic--a state she, like all normal people today, portrayed to the world via Twitter.

fuck. my dog knocked over my 360, and now my dead space 2 disk is unreadable. fuck fuck fuck fuck i want to cry. fuck :( :( :(less than a minute ago via web


i am going to attempt to burn it to HDD. if not i am going to cry. real tears twitter. real tears. i JUST got it yesterday!! :( :(less than a minute ago via web

Prior to this, Ashley had complained (also via Twitter) that she was worried Dead Space 2 would not be quite as awesome as Dead Space 1. That concern drew the attention of an employee at Visceral Games, makers of the Dead Space series, who assured her that the sequel would be every bit as righteous as the first, if not righteous-er.

Upon buying the game, Ashley wholeheartedly agreed. The game was sweet. Real sweet.

But only a day after buying it, the dog incident occurred and she was devastated.

What happened next was even cooler than the game turned out to be.

Per Ashley's blog:

that person saw my tweets about my doggy, and what happened. and sent me a direct message that said simply "DM me your address".

She DM'd.

Then this arrived:

dog dead space01.jpg

It's a brand-new copy of Dead Space 2, signed by the Visceral development team, along with a custom bit of original art commemorating the tragedy.

Here's the culprit along with his homage.

dog dead space02.jpg

Now Ashley's back to playing Dead Space 2 and her dog is back to running amok--but with an Xbox 360 in a less-precious position.

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