Dawn Matthews, UK Mom, Rips Microsoft for Not Stopping Her Child From Spending $1,700 on Downloads

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Dawn Matthews is very upset with Microsoft right now. If the company doesn't change its behavior immediately, it's going to wind up getting grounded.

You see, Matthews put her credit-card information into Xbox Live so her wonderful little curly-haired 11-year-old son Brendan Jordan could play games online with buddies.

But against all the odds, little Brendan went and racked up £1082.52 (about $1,738) in charges over a six-month period from downloading games and accessories using the stored credit card on file.

Now Mummy is livid.

She tells the UK's Daily Mail:

"I work two jobs just to look after my family and pay the bills so I cannot afford all these extortionate charges. A thousand pounds isn't that much to people like Bill Gates, but for a single mum it is a lot of money that I don't have."

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Xbox Live is also being blamed by Mom for causing this wicked 'fro.
Matthews apparently works as a full-time sales agent and a part-time singer, where she covers soft-rock favorites like Sting's "Fields of Gold."

Despite Brendon's lack of comprehension that since he doesn't in fact make any money, the money he spends is probably his mom's, he is quite the math whiz--but only once things are put into "times tables."

"Brendan is 11 and knows his times tables, but it was only when I explained to him that he realized how much money he had spent."

Obviously, none of this is the boy's fault, so Mom isn't about to punish him:

"I haven't punished him because he feels bad enough and I know he won't do it again. It is ridiculous to allow someone of his age to make payments without any checks being done. When he is in gaming mode he can't be thinking about the money."

Most certainly not.

For its part, Microsoft has pointed out that Xbox Live actually includes parental settings that would have made it impossible for Junior to spend Mom's cash willy-nilly.

But come on, that would involve an extra parental step before she sticks him in front of the Xbox and goes to work.

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