David Jewell, Chattaroy Molestation Suspect, Battles Cops in Burning Trailer With Homemade Flamethrower

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David Jewell's 15-year-old son called police on Wednesday to say that his dad had raped his 11-year-old sister in their trailer and that they should come quick. But soon after the deputies arrived, the place was on fire and Jewell was inside with a knife and a homemade flamethrower.

The deputies say Jewell was suicidal, and after they arrived and tried to get him to come out of the trailer, he ordered his three children out, swallowed an enormous amount of painkillers, and began to torch the place and himself in it using an aerosol spray can and a lighter to shoot fire everywhere.

The cops weren't having it, and busted in. They say he threatened them with the flame can and knife, but they simply Tazed him, beat him with a baton, then wrestled him out of the house, saving him from the burning building right into a police car.

Dave Reagan, Spokane County Sheriff's Office spokesman tells KXLY:

"[He] set curtains on fire in the kitchen, cabinets set on fire, went to the living room, set blinds and drapes on fire, and he was holding can and pointing flame at deputies."

The incident happened at the trailer park here:

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After getting Jewell out of the trailer, the deputies say they started pulling down the burning drapes in the house and dousing everything with pans of water. The also found two terrified dogs in a back bedroom.

Firefighters eventually arrived and finished extinguishing the blaze.

Jewell, meanwhile, has been charged with child molestation and arson.

His kids have been turned over to their grandmother.

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