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This week we introduced you to Steve Elliott, our new medical-marijuana columnist/reviewer. Steve is by all accounts the furthest thing from a typical stoner one can find. He's from Alabama, has a genuine medical condition (hepatitis c) that he treats with cannabis, and is steeped in institutional knowledge of the legal and political issues that swirl around medical marijuana. In short, Steve Elliott is a huge stud--a point that one of our readers summed up beautifully.

When he or she wrote:

Awesome. Best new _anything_ on the internet this week.

It's a simple statement. But spot on nonetheless.

Steve will now be traveling the state buying and smoking medical weed on Seattle Weekly's dime and writing about it in his weekly "Toke Signals" column, which runs every Wednesday at 4:20 p.m here on the Daily Weekly.

He'll be telling people where the best chronic and chronic-infused foodstuffs can be found; given the host of underground dispensaries and notoriously competitive owners, it's in any patient's best interest to know where to go and where to avoid.

So yes, anonymous reader, this is the best thing on the Internet this week. Though we'd extend it to "this month" at least.

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