Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Tries to Fight Racism With Tacos

The problem, sometimes, with hating Mexicans is that their food is just so damn good.

Still, some of the harder-core racists in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho--the Aryan Nations dudes--have been picketing outside a taco stand there, protesting the delicious items inside and the folks who make them with signs that read: "Honk If You Want Idaho White!!!"

But as The Spokesman-Review reports today, a small movement is building to shower the taco stand with hungry customers until it can drive out the hate and replace it with heaping helpings of rice, beans, and homemade salsa.

As Shawn Vestal intones in his Spokesman column today:

I don't want to suggest that we're complacent about human rights in these parts. Or that we need a tasty morsel to lead us into battle against hatred. But maybe we're a bit complacent about human rights in these parts - a little too eager to recall that one time we read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and felt the right way about it. Maybe we're a little too persuaded by the self-congratulatory narrative that a few strongly worded speeches, some invigorating marches, one killer lawsuit, and voilĂ  - we're all good here in the former white homeland.

As former as the status of southeast Washington/Idaho is in terms of being the "white homeland," the recent MLK parade bomb find would suggest that a look at race relations is in order.

If that conversation happens to be over a large plate of chicken enchiladas, then all the better.

Eat tacos here.

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