Andre L. Bonds, Tacoma Crip, Charged With Repeatedly Raping Jail Cellmate

One of the best things about jail as opposed to prison is that your chances of getting raped there are significantly lower by comparison. That's not to say it can't happen. And really, that's not to say that a six-foot-five, 230-pound member of Tacoma's Hilltop Crips might not be the one to do it.

That's the word coming down on how one Andre L. Bonds dealt with his cellie, anyway.

The alleged rapes (three total) went down last May in Pierce County Jail, where 38-year-old Bonds was celled up with man who was there briefly on a DUI rap.

Bonds, as is his wont, was awaiting felony charges stemming from a gang roundup of Hilltop Crips, which later saw him plead guilty to riot and conspiracy to commit a drive-by shooting charges and receive five years in prison.

Each of the three rapes allegedly occurred late at night, when the guards had put the cells on lockdown for the night.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer tells Seattle Weekly that cells where inmates are bunked two per room (as Bonds and the alleged victim were) have panic buttons that alert guards to problems. Besides that, he says that inmates can simply tell guards about problems like impending or in-progress rapes with some more unorthodox methods.

"They can also send kites," he says, referring to the small pieces of paper on a string that inmates usually reserve for each other (see any episode of Lockup). "Also, they can just tell a guard, 'Look I got a problem, I need to get out of here,' and it'll be taken care of."

Charging documents say that the reason the victim never hit the panic button or told a guard was because Bonds threatened to "break his neck" if he did--a reasonably compelling argument.

Troyer could only recall one other incident of rape at the facility in the recent past and is working on confirming the exact amount.

In the meantime, Bonds is back in Pierce County Jail, having been transferred from prison to wait for his court appearance.

And perhaps in an effort to preserve his reputation with his Crip homies, he penned a letter to jail staff saying that he "practically grew up in this jail and being sexually involved with another man is totally out of the question for me."

I mean, call him a rapist all you want, but Andre L. Bonds is most certainly not gay.

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