Woodland Gas System Farts on City

So it apparently smells like horrible ass in Woodland right now.

The reason: The city's natural gas system has "excessive odorant" in it.

Odorant is the stinky chemical added to natural gas, so that when it's leaking somewhere people can smell it and refrain from smoking, cooking, or having a KISS concert.

Unfortunately for the town of Woodland, Wash., about 20 miles north of Vancouver, Cascade Natural Gas had a heavy hand on the odorant, and it's left the city stinking of rotten eggs. The AP has a bit more here.

Seattle Weekly gave a call at 1 a.m. Friday to Frani's Old Town Grill on Davidson Avenue, where the bar crowd--presumably buzzed on both booze and sulfur fumes--could be heard partying in the background.

"It was worse earlier, I think," Jen Wolff, Frani's bartender, said of the reek. "They closed down the schools early and some guys from Cascade Natural Gas came out to fix it. I heard like nine gallons of the odorant spilled out."

The fart cloud is expected to blow away in the next few days.

We predict a 15 percent chance that could form into a shitstorm.

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