Unknown Idaho Weirdo Keeps Leaving Severed Animal Heads on Neighbor's Porch

godfather horse head scene01.jpg
Whatever creep is leaving severed heads and eviscerated bodies of woodland creatures on a family's porch in Salmon, Idaho, has clearly watched "The Godfather" way too many times.

Reuters reports today that a family of seven has, over the last two months, reported waking up to several grisly finds on their front stoop.

So far, the bloody deliveries include a severed elk's head, an eviscerated rabbit, and a mule deer's head.

In each case, the two adults and five children living at the house have been thoroughly grossed out.

Idaho Falls Police Capt. Mark McBride tells Reuters that leaving bloody body parts on people's doorsteps is super "mean."

"It's real mean. The kids are certainly scared . . . We have not seen a case like it. At this time, we have no suspects, but there were footprints in the snow and we're now working with that and other clues."

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned flaming bag of poop?

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