U2 Concert Forces Mariners/Marlins Series Back to Seattle

Is there no act of charity that Bono can't accomplish?

The AP reports today that aging Irish rock band U2 has dibs on Miami's Sun Life Stadium on June 29 for their recently rescheduled "U2 360" tour.

Thus, the M's/Fish three-game series that was scheduled to go down June 24-26 has been moved to Safeco Field in Seattle, where the Marlins will retain their home-team status in terms of batting order.

As anyone who has witnessed the monstrosity that is a U2 show will tell you, it's quite the production.

I mean, look at this ridiculousness:

U2 concert01.jpg

Apparently the stadium needs more than three days to set up for the show.

End result: M's get 84 home games and the Marlins get 78.

Plus, U2 plays Seattle at Qwest Field on June 4, so it's the best of both worlds.

Hooray for unfair scheduling conflicts!

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