Twilight Heroine "Bella" Still Most Popular Name to Give Your Dog

Anyone who doesn't live in Forks, Wash., but has gone there in the last couple years is likely to have done so because they love the Twilight novel/movie/Burger King toy series. But even people who can't enjoy the damp, rural beauty of Clallam County have been getting their fill by the thousands by bringing furry versions of its most famous fictional resident into their homes.

For two years in a row now, Bella, the perpetually-flustered teenage girl who gets every pale and/or ab-possessing mythic creature within miles to fight over her, is the #1 name for dogs, as announced by pet liability giants Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. on Tuesday.

Bella also climbed up to the #2 most popular name for cats.

Here are the top 10:

dog names01.jpg

For some reason Bella just can't seem to climb in the exotic-pet-names field. There's something about naming a gerbil, parakeet, or gila monster after a sex-starved high schooler into the undead; it just sounds better on a proper pet, it seems.

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