As the Herald reports on Sunday, Purdue Pharma's newish version of its infamous OxyContin time-release oxycodone tablets makes it so hard to abuse the pills


Top Three Weirdest Ways to Abuse New OxyContin "Tamper-Proof" Pills

As the Herald reports on Sunday, Purdue Pharma's newish version of its infamous OxyContin time-release oxycodone tablets makes it so hard to abuse the pills that some folks are switching to plain old heroin. Come on, people! All one needs to get Limbaughed on Oxy is apparently a microwave, some Coca-Cola, or some Emergen-C powder. Find out how after the jump.

By way of background, OxyContin is an extremely strong painkiller that is supposed to release a steady stream of opioid goodness to patients in extreme pain over an extended period of time. The drug used to accomplish this through a special outer coating on the pill that would take a while to dissolve in a patient's stomach.

Crafty addicts got around this by removing the outer coating, then smoking, snorting, or injecting the the pills' nougatty centers.

So after a huge amount of pressure from law enforcement, antidrug advocates and the FDA, Purdue Pharma made a new formula of OxyContin (no longer labeled "OC," now called "OP") that doesn't have an outer layer, but instead combines time-release properties throughout the entire pill to make it very hard to abuse.


OxyContin comparison01.jpg

Notice I said "very hard" and not "impossible."

Countless websites and message board threads are dedicated to outsmarting the new pills.

Here are the three weirdest techniques.

The first, and by far the most popular, is a multistep process that involves microwaving, freezing, and re-microwaving a pill before filing it down to a powder, then snorting, shooting, or smoking the hell out of it.

This from a forum discussion on www.prescriptiondrug-info.com.


Step 1: Microwave whole pill for 5 mins

Step 2: put in freezer for 1 min 30 sec

Step 3: Grind pill into FINE powder with tool such as dremel or file

Step 4: Put onto a microwave-safe plate**

Step 5: Microwave for 4min 30 sec

Step 6: As SOON as you start to see the pill turn into a light brown gunk pull it out. Sometimes it just stays in powder form so don't worry, it'll still work fine.

-- if there is some powder left its ok

Step 7: Put into your freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes- let it get really cold

Step 8: Scrape the crusted brown oxy onto a mirror or w/e and snort

Worked GREAT for me, no gelling. Put a little in your mouth to test it :D

NOW, you might notice in the end, it looks like LESS powder, BUT, I assure you, you DONT lose much, the reason it looks like less, is because I think the binders and gel stuff burn away. Just taste the end result, it tastes REALLY strong depending on what mg you use.

Next we have some advice from someone who thinks the microwave method is bullshit. All that's needed, according to this wise Oxy connoisseur, is a packet of Emergen-C fizzy vitamin supplement. And where's the best place to get Emergen-C? Why Amazon.com, of course!

You guys are losing to much medication by heating it up! Get some Emergen-C Vitamin C powder from Amazon, this shit has crazy amts of citric and other acids in it. Cut up you op and put it in the dissolved liquid of EmergenC. It will dissolve within an hour and will last you all day this way!

High as a kite and chock-full of antioxidants. What could be better?

But by far the weirdest approach to abusing the new OxyContin is this one, which lets intravenous injectors harness the power of America's favorite soft drink.

Plus, this advice comes by way of someone named "opiodking," so you know it's top-notch.

come on guys this is simple you need to scrape the coating off not suck it off and to make it work IR [immediate release] you need to take the coating off after that chop up into as much pieces as you can take a shot glass fill it 3 quarters of the way with coca cola or pepsi and put the pill in and let it sit for an hour and take the glass scoop up the gel off the top of the soda and then take the shot

Sure, someone injecting drug-laden Coke foam into their veins may sound trashy. But an addict hasn't truly hit rock-bottom until they start using RC Cola.

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