Swag, aka Jevon Lawson, Everett Rapper, Sets Course for Epic Hip-Hop Career With Drug-Trafficking/Bank-Robbery Indictment

Let's face it, when rapper 50 Cent first burst onto the scene in 2003, one of the first things you heard was how he'd been shot nine times and gone to jail for crack dealing. And when Lil Wayne went to prison last March for weapons charges, it only made his cocky lyrics that much more badass. It's the same thing with T.I. and his gun sales, Snoop Dogg and his drug dealing, and Ol' Dirty Bastard and his sneaker thefts: Nothing gives a gangsta rapper more cred than a stint in the slammer. So if that's true, Everett rapper Swag might be looking forward to a long and illustrious career, now that he's been indicted on federal drug-trafficking charges.

The Herald reports Sunday that Swag's indictment comes in the wake of raids last month on his residence and those of his homies Terrance Fairman, aka Trick, and Karmen Wendt in Everett, Lynnwood, and Mill Creek.

Drugs and cash were found in the raids, apparently, but authorities have been tight-lipped about what specifically was found. They've been freer with facts when it comes to what Swag's been investigated for, though, and that supposedly includes dealing a whole lot of OxyContin as well as cocaine and weed.

In the same stroke, it was announced that he'd been indicted secretly for a 2005 Wells Fargo bank robbery that prosecutors say he masterminded. That's in addition to the drug convictions that the self-proclaimed West Covina Crip already has in Washington and California.

It's admittedly quite a list a charges--one that if convicted on will probably see him do more time than T.I., Weezy, Snoop, Fiddy, and ODB, combined.

But as most of the members of that list have shown, maintaining a rap career behind bars is both doable (thanks to prison phones) and profitable (thanks to loyal fans).

Plus, Swag's supposedly got some O.G. gangsta habits, which include stuffing thousands of dollars in Louis Vuitton bags and trying to board planes; storing cash in the freezers of multiple apartments; running a clothing store that appears rife with money-laundering activities; and starting a record label without a license and reporting no income, despite his spending money like a drunken Kennedy.

If true, Swag makes the aforementioned rappers look like art-rock geeks.

Thus, he's is currently in jail awaiting his court appearances.

But in the meantime, Swag's already planning his comeback, with either him (somehow) or a friend sending out a steady stream of tweets, like this one on Sunday:

Swag would like to thank everyne who is supporting him in this hard time. He says, "Its just a minor set back for a major come back".

Maybe, Mr. Lawson. But first you'll need to make it out of prison before you're 50.

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