Study: More Trees = Bigger Babies

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Oh, scientists. Give them a few million bucks and next thing you know you're moving your pregnant wife into the treehouse in the backyard. Don't follow? Check out the new study by Oregon researchers which, they say, shows that more trees in a neighborhood leads to bigger, healthier babies being born to the women who live there.

As The Oregonian reports on Wednesday, Geoffrey Donovan, a scientist with the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station in Portland, led a study that looked at 5,696 women who gave birth in Portland between 2006 and 2007.

Apparently women who had several trees around their houses were significantly less likely to give birth to undersized babies.

Per the AP:

For each 10 percent increase in tree coverage within about 50 yards of a home, the rate of undersized newborns decreased by 1.42 per 1000 births. As it stands, about 70 of every 1,000 newborns in Portland are small for gestational age.

The study's results have yet to be replicated, so before you build a pregnancy nest for your spouse or girlfriend in a nearby redwood, you may want to wait until someone other than a U.S. Forest Service researcher tells you that more trees are the answer to your problems.

But hey, you can always start planting trees now, and just yank them up later if the study turns out to be bogus.

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