Starbucks' New Logo Marks Company Ownership of Your Brain

new starbucks logo01.jpg
Starbucks unveiled its new logo today, and the design marks a milestone in corporate brainwashing.

As you can see, gone is the company name and any mention of its principal product: coffee.

Instead, the unbordered, crowned siren logo stands alone, free from the bonds of reminding anyone what it means--an undeniable icon like the Nike "swoosh" or the Target target.

Here's the company's history in logo design, from the fully-nippled to the navel-retaining to the topless-of-all-trades.


According to a statement put out by company CEO Howard Schultz, the reason for the redesign has to do with diversification. Essentially, by stripping away any mention of coffee, tea, or anything else from its logo, Starbucks can more freely start selling other stuff.

So look forward to the siren's ad song emanating from a bevy of new and completely un-coffee-related products in the coming years.

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