Starbucks Announces "Trenta," the 31-Ounce Thirst-Buster of Coffee Cups

Do you like Starbucks iced coffee, but hate that it's not sold in quart-sized jugs? Well, good news! The new 31-ounce "Trenta" size has proven itself in Phoenix and Tampa, and will be available in a gaggle of new states starting tomorrow.

Starbucks announced that they'd start offering the Trenta for an extra 50 cents more than the 24-ounce Venti--but only for its iced drinks. No ginormous hot coffees yet.

It had been tested in Tampa and Phoenix and, guess what? People like to buy giant food and drinks.

It'll roll out tomorrow in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and Arizona. Then California gets it on Feb. 1.

UPDATE: The National Post points out that, at 31 ounces, a Trenta-sized beverage is bigger than the average human stomach. Look:

trenta diagram01.jpg

In other news, Qwest Field executives announced that next season they'll have a new larger draft-beer size available. The "Tatupu" will cost $10 and look way bigger than both the medium and large beers, but actually still only be 20 ounces.

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