Sen. Pam Roach Throws Fit, Gets Back Her Seat by the Door

At this point, state Sen. Pam Roach might as well throw a temper tantrum about everything she doesn't like. It's not as though anyone would be surprised.

Her latest conniption has to do with that most basic of grade-school arrangements: the position of her seat in relation to the door.

As the News Tribune reported Tuesday, Roach normally sits near a large marble pillar on the Senate floor, near the exit. But on Monday, the first day of the new legislative session, her Republican colleagues dared to move her desk two spots over, switching her seat with that of Sen. Doug Ericksen.

Roach no like change.

So she sat in Ericksen's desk and refused to move, forcing him to sit in the back of the chambers at Sen. Bob McCaslin's vacated seat.

Well, between then and Tuesday, Roach apparently raised hell to her Republican leadership (the same leadership that has kicked her out of their caucus before, because she's kind of a horrible person). She said that having her desk moved had ruined what was supposed to be a big day for her, as she was becoming the most senior Senator on the floor with her 20 years of service, and because it was announced that a medical clinic in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, would be named after her.

Apparently she a needed proper position in the chamber in order to absorb every ounce of glorification that was offered (she says it's because she wants to escape the quickest in case of an attack).

So on Tuesday Roach got her wish. She got her seat back, and can now go back to doing what she does best: complaining about other issues involving her desk.

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