Seattle Weekly's "Gay Kiss" Cover Named a Top-10 Cover of 2010: Vote Now to Make It #1

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It's no secret that we've been tooting away on our own horn ever since our December 22 issue, which featured two male "sailors" gaying up Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic V-J Day photo, in honor of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." But it turns out that we're far from the only ones who think we nailed it with the image. The Society of Publication Designers just named that issue as one of the top 10 covers of any magazine or online publication for 2010, period. And among those finalists, folks can still vote for the one they think is best. Currently, we're killing the competition with 48 percent of the votes, but the contest is young, so we need your vote too!

As an added bonus, SPD also named our DADT cover as among the year's 10 best alt-weekly covers. In fact, Seattle Weekly's sister Village Voice Media papers cleaned up in that category, snatching a whopping eight of the 10 spots.

So once again: Great job to our genius art director Boo Davis, ace photographer Joshua Huston, and newly minted editor-in-chief Mike Seely for hatching what will undoubtedly go down as one of the best cover images in our proud 34-year history.

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