Predator Drone Now Patrols U.S./Canadian Border

Don't worry about the small, white aircraft flying around the U.S./Canadian border. It's just an unmanned predator drone. You know--the same robot aircraft that are currently raining death upon our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The Digital Journal reported yesterday on the newest addition to the Pacific Northwest's (and the Midwest's) friendly skies.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency website, the craft will be patrolling a 900-mile stretch of border from the "Lake-of-the-Woods region of Minnesota to the vicinity of Spokane, Washington."

It doesn't appear that it will be armed with missiles.

It will, of course, be armed with cameras.

So the next time you try skip over the border to try some of that famed Canadian health care, know that Uncle Sam will be watching, commie.

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