Nine More Faulty Street Lamps Found in Seattle That Could Kill You (MAP)

It can't be emphasized enough that for Seattle City Light to find its own dangerously conductive street lamps and electrical panels is a lot better than for some poor pedestrian (or dog) to find them accidentally. So it's sort of good news that nine more dangerous lamps were found, as announced yesterday.

Recall that the start of the utility electrocution saga began this past Thanksgiving, when Sammy the dog was killed when he stepped on an electrically charged access plate on a sidewalk on Queen Anne Avenue.

Shortly after, faulty street lights or other electrical hazards were found at developments in High Point, New Holly, Greenbridge, and Rainier Vista.

The newest finds come in the Central District, West Seattle, Leschi, and the International District.

Here's an interactive map with some info on each of the dangerous utilities found so far.

View Street Light Danger in a larger map

A Seattle City Light spokesperson says she hopes to complete a thorough check of more than 30,000 street lamps before spring. In the meantime, it's probably best to avoid putting your feet, hands, tongues, and/or pets near any street lamps or electrical panels until then.

It's like the game "hot lava" you used to play when you were a kid. Only now the hot lava isn't cracks in the sidewalk, it's potentially deadly electrical utilities. Fun, fun.

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