Microsoft Joins the Multi-Touch Mouse Party More Than a Year After Apple

microsoft mouse01.jpg
Microsoft's appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week has been widely panned as a flop--devoid of any big, exciting, non-Kinect-related news. But on Friday, the tech giants unfurled perhaps their best hope of changing the stale narrative with this fancy new mouse. The only problem: Like a lot of Microsoft's new gadgets, it comes more than a year after Apple debuted practically the same thing.

The new Microsoft Multitouch Mouse was designed specifically for Windows 7 and uses touch-screen technology to give users a plethora of new things they can do with one of the modern computer's oldest accessories.

Here's a demo.

The mouse is slated to hit shelves this spring or summer. But at $79.95 and offering seemingly nothing that Apple's Magic Mouse doesn't already offer at $69, it's unclear how the company hopes to make its mark with the new pointer.

Here's Apple's demo from their product debut in October 2009. You tell me if it's worth the extra $10.

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