EMT Mark Tosland Used Ambulance Rides to Pick Up Women, Says Department of Health

All emergency medical technicians have to act fast. They rush desperately ill people to the hospital before it's too late, and often deliver life-saving medical care in the process. Apparently, however, Tacoma EMT Mark Tosland was faster than most. According to state Department of Health charges released today, Tosland managed to do his job and try to pick up women--his patients, that is.

He had some success. In at least two cases, he got patients' phone numbers in the ambulance, according to a DOH statement. And the first time, after taking a patient to Tacoma General Hospital on New Year's Day 2010, he started an affair with her. At some point the affair ended, but Tosland kept sending her sexually explicit text messages, according to the DOH.

The second time, in June of that year, Tosland helped transport another woman to Tacoma General. He sweet-talked her enough that she agreed to let him visit her in the hospital, where she was scheduled to have back surgery.

What she undoubtedly never bargained for, though, is that Tosland would visit her while she was still mildly sedated from surgery. He kissed her, then lifted her hospital gown and fondled her, according to DOH.

The agency, charging him with unprofessional conduct and sexual misconduct, has suspended him pending a hearing. Tosland has not yet responded to a phone call seeking comment.

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