Kids Blow Up Foss High School Urinal With Explosives: Ah, Memories

toilet explosion01.jpg
As a man who was once suspended in junior high for setting off bottle rockets in the school hallway, I feel a certain amount of kinship with whoever blew up the urinal at Foss High School in Tacoma on Monday.

In my case, the firework in question was more a glorified sparkler than an explosive; it was set off after school was let out for the day, and when my friends and I tried to make our escape through what was nearly two feet of northern Arizona snow, the wrestling team made short work of catching us.

No police were called and no evacuations were ordered.

That's a bit different than the aftermath of Monday's boy's-room urinal bombing. KING-5 News reports that someone put a "large explosive" in a urinal and set it off. The explosion reduced the urinal to rubble, and the entire school was evacuated.

Three students were initially questioned, with no arrests made. Then later on Monday, KIRO reported that two students were arrested on arson charges.

But as it took my little group of misfits all of five minutes to crack under questioning and start blaming each other, these little hellions likely did better than us.

Unfortunately for them, their punishment will likely include more than a couple days of forced vacation.

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