Jenelia Radacina, Bellevue Nurse, Has License Pulled After She Claims That "Electro-Mechanical Impulses Are Controlling Her Mind"

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One of the top requirements of being a successful medical professional is that one not be batshit crazy. It would appear, then, that Bellevue nurse Jenelia Radacina may have failed that standard.

As the Colombian reports today, Radacina just had her license yanked by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission and the Washington Department of Health. The move came after she apparently filed lawsuits against two doctors; because of "the nature" of the suits, the commission decided to take a closer look at the nurse.

That's when they say they found the crazy.

Here's the key part of the findings (the full report is available here).

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According to a profile page on Triond, Radacina (besides suffering from Terrible Spelling Syndrome) also suffers from another illness that she blames on the U.S. health care system and the "government."

My qualifications are in the medical field. I have a broad knowledge about human health, prescription medications, and how it affects our body I am a strong believer in natural cures, as a way of preventing deseases [sic]. I strongly believe that our health care of today is contributing a great deal to our illneses [sic], and so do our own government. I also wrote a book inspired from real life experiences, showing how the system contributed to my illness, and to social injustices. I am currently for a publisher. My knowledge comes from profesional [sic] and personal experience, from personal research, and through the comunity inteligence [sic].

Joking aside, however, mental-health ailments are both serious and tragic. We wish Ms. Radacina all the best in her recovery.

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