Having Trouble Being Deported Back to Mexico? Try Stealing a Police Car!

mexico hitchhike01.jpg
Guadalupe Cruz-Vasquez has apparently had enough of Jerome, Idaho. In fact, he's had enough of America altogether. And, being a Mexican national in this day and age, one would think he'd just have to stand outside Home Depot or showcase an authentic salsa recipe to earn a deportation. Unfortunately, it seems that getting deported is a bit trickier than that. But don't worry, Guad's got a plan.

The AP reports today that 38-year-old Cruz-Vasquez marched into police headquarters on Monday and demanded to be deported back to Mexico.

The cops said "No."

So Mr. Homesick got creative. He walked out of the station and stole one of their police cars.

He drove it until it ran out of gas and the cops found him and arrested him.

Now he's well on his way to being sent back to Mexico.


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