Grendon Bailie, 13-Year-Old Steelers Fan, Gets Sent Home From School for Wearing Steelers Jersey on Seahawks Appreciation Day

It's "Seahawks Appreciation Day" at Truman Middle School in Tacoma! That means the school's normally oppressive dress code is slightly tweaked to allow for all manner of Hawks shirts, jerseys, beanies, and other paraphernalia. Notice I said "Hawks gear" and not "filthy Steelers gear."

Grendon Bailie apparently didn't read the whole memo when he showed up for class in his Antwaan Randle El jersey.

He was told to go home and change or face suspension.

The kid told KOMO News: "Not everyone is a Seahawks fan--and if they got to wear their team stuff, then I should, too."

Tacoma School District spokeswoman Stacy Flores apparently didn't see it that way. She said:

"This boy came in a different color, a different team, and he was asked, if he didn't want to participate in the Seahawks colors day, then he could wear his uniform," said Tacoma School District spokeswoman Stacy Flores.

One can understand that if, say, he'd shown up in a Jay Culter, Devin Hester, or any other Chicago Bears jersey, he'd receive instant denunciation from the school and from any warm-blooded Washingtonian.

Even then, however, it seems that letting the natural Darwinian process of being heckled and possibly beat up by his Seahawk-loyal classmates would have been a better way to sort this one out.

Someday he's going to grow up to be a big-boy Steelers fan, and when he shows up at opposing teams' stadiums, the fans won't refuse him entry--they'll just attempt to ridicule him to the point of tears. It's a lesson that was sadly missed this time around.

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