'Granny' Mary Kay Letourneau: No Real Regrets

For those still counting child-molester milestones, 48-year old Mary Kay Letourneau, still wed to her onetime (now age 27) child lover Vili Fualaau, is today a grandmother. That's thanks--as she revealed in a Today Show interview from Seattle this morning--to the child born to one of her four children from her first marriage.

In December, Mary's son Steve Letourneau became a father. He's 26--a year younger than his stepfather.

After six years of marriage, MK and Vili struggled to tell Meredith Vieira what makes them a loving couple. "What do we have in common . . . besides that we're human beings?" Vili said. "You mean," said Mary Kay, "like what interests do we have that are the same?" Long pause. "We both love music . . ."

She added: "One thing I notice about Vili--it still takes me back the way he treats people . . . our perspective is the same." It was unclear if she meant back when he was 12, when they met at the suburban Seattle school he attended and where she taught.

Asked if she might do things differently were she to live life over, Mary Kay paused again. "Me, I don't really look at life that way. I think every day I'm doing my best, and I don't look back and say what could I have done better . . ."

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