Frank Acosta Jr. Charged for Giving Kids "No More Blows With the Belt Than Years of Their Age"

Police say Frank Acosta Jr. has a simple equation when it comes to disciplining his girlfriend's children: no more than one spank per year of their age. Unfortunately for the kids, it doesn't factor in how hard each belting can be, or how frequently they can come.

He was charged yesterday in Kitsap County District Court with third-degree assault of a child, after the 11-year-old's real father took the boy to urgent care with severe bruises on his backside and legs.

The Kitsap Sun reports that the child said he'd come home earlier this month at 9:30 p.m. when Acosta told him to go walk the dog. The boy refused and went to bed. But Acosta allegedly woke him up, made him stand against the wall, then hit him with a belt eight to 12 times.

After Acosta was arrested, he allegedly told police that he frequently punishes all his girlfriend's kids this way, but that he "gives the kids no more blows with the belt than years of their age."

It's an interesting attempt at simple mathematics, which, ironically, is a very important part of early childhood development.

But at some point (usually when "severe bruises" are involved), certain dad/mom-busted-for-spanking-kids stories stop being about the ethics of spanking and just kind of sound like child abuse.

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