Facebook Absorbs Mystery Seattle Startup, Rel8tion

Few people know much about what secret tech startup Rel8tion has been doing for the last nine months. But Facebook knows. And whatever they're doing, it's apparently better for Zuckerburg and Co. to put the company on the FB payroll then to let them keep at it.

As All Things Digital reports, Facebook has bought the the local "stealth-mode" startup and employed its team, lead by ex-Googleite and Microsoftie Peter Wilson.

Facebook released this statement on Tuesday:

"We're excited to confirm that we recently completed a talent acquisition of Rel8tion, a stealth-mode startup in Seattle. The engineering team will join our growing Seattle office, and we're looking forward to having them on board."

Beast Mode > Stealth Mode.
Stealth mode? Is that like the opposite of Beast Mode? As in the invisible state that Marshawn Lynch showed up to the Seahawks/Bears game in?

Actually, it's just a fancier way of saying the company wasn't speaking to the press or anyone else about their doings.

As ATD surmises from information that's now been taken down from the company's website, they were working on "trying to create a system for synching up a person's location and demographics with the most relevant ad inventory."

More personalized advertising on Facebook? Hooray!

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