Devan Miller, Port Angeles Bird-Watcher, Discovers His Stolen VW Van in the Woods by Accident

This is where good VW vans go when they are stolen.

The photo below is a picture of Devan Miller's late model Volkswagen Vanagon, which had been previously stolen, as it reverts back to the earth from which it sprang.

Nature is beautiful.

Peninsula Daily News

The Peninsula Daily News reports that Miller found the van earlier this month while bird-watching on the Olympic Peninsula, six weeks after it was stolen from his house in Port Angeles.

Later he described the find on his Facebook page as:

"A bizarre, hideous and illogical attempt at some kind of rebuilding of the carriage had been attempted, wood randomly nailed on, and the roof over the cab haphazardly built back on after being needlessly cut off."

Afterward, he managed to tow the vehicle out of the woods, hot-wire it, then drive it to the Happy Motors yard, where it met a far more boring end than slowly becoming one with the forest.

But at least Miller will now get a credit toward a new Volkswagen, and the circle of life will continue.

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