Denied a Gun License Due to Her Medical-Marijuana Patient Status, Cynthia Willis' Case Is Heading to Oregon Supreme Court

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Jared Loughner bought a handgun in Arizona a few weeks before he shot 20 people outside a Tucson Safeway. And he was an Army reject and well-documented weirdo. In Cynthia Willis' case, she's just a medical-marijuana patent. But in Oregon, that was enough to deny her a weapons permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Now the case is headed to the Oregon Supreme Court. The Oregonian reports today that it stems from Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters' decision to deny Willis a concealed-weapons permit back in 2008.

Hearings in the state's high court are scheduled to start March 3.

Winters had originally denied the woman a permit because federal laws prevent drug addicts from legally obtaining firearms.

Specifically, there is a U.S. Department of Justice form that people must fill out in order to get a gun.

Here's section 11 e:

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Willis has already apparently won every court battle she's had with Winters; and for the grand finale, it's tough to see that trend changing.

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