Comment of the Week: Mail Carrier "Sapper76" Is the Jesus of the U.S. Postal Service

Yesterday we told you about Richard Farrell, the veteran U.S. Postal Service mail carrier who was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and fined $25 for "extreme laziness" for burning and hoarding the mail he was supposed to be delivering. This is a sin among postal workers. And one of them not only apologized on behalf of the entire USPS, he pledged to improve customer service to make up for it.

Sapper76 writes:

As a letter carier [sic] I would like to tell you this is an isolated event. The USPS is the nation's 2nd largest employer and is prone to have a bad apple. Please accept my apology as I will continue to provide all my customers with the best service possible.

Sapper76 wins simply because people taking responsibility for their own dumb actions online is rarer than steak tartare. And people taking responsibility for someone else's dumb actions? That simply never happens.

Following up on Sapper's comment's, "Ridge" agreed:

Why would we need to accept your apology? You didn't do this. Richard Farrell did this. He and he alone is guilty. Most mail carriers do an excellent job. It is a testament to the Postal Service that it's own checks and balances, rooted this man out. Now if they could just do something about all that junk mail I receive............

So for absolving the USPS of its sins of sloth, Sapper76, we worship you.

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