Cliff Mass: Today's Snowstorm Is Nothing to Worry About

mass snow chart01.jpg
Cliff Mass, the Pacific Northwest's meteorological Nostradamus, has some disappointing news for anyone hoping for the year's first snowpocalypse.

Today's snowstorm that we've been warned about for the last few days is likely only going to amount to an hour or two of actual snow, followed by nighttime rain showers and a near-zero chance of being able to use the storm as an excuse for skipping work tomorrow.

Here are some charts with pretty colors.

mass snow chart01.jpg
5 p.m.: Snow begins to roll in from the east.

mass snow chart02.jpg
7 p.m.: Snow falls over Seattle proper and the West Side--less so on the East.

mass snow chart03.jpg
Midnight: That's all she wrote.

Mass' bottom line:

If you are in Seattle and you get home by 4 PM you will have no problem. By 5-6 light snow should hit. Over by midnight, probably sooner. Tomorrow's commute will be fine.

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