Chelsie Jorgensen, Seattle Mist Player, Poses Nude for Playboy

Chelsie Jorgensen01.jpg
Someone apparently told Hef that there's such a thing as the Lingerie Football League.

And boy, is he happy about it!

Tomorrow's issue of Playboy will feature 10 lingerie-football players losing the uniforms, including local Puyallup princess Chelsie Jorgensen.

Here's the cover. (Jorgensen is the one in the middle, kneeling and holding the ball.)

playboy01 large.jpg

Sweet Jesus.

In other Playboy news, the magazine got a boost today when Apple announced that the iPad would break its ban on porn and feature a Playboy app.

In other Seattle Mist news, the team, while super-hot, is also super-bad at playing football. The ladies went 0-3 in their four-game season; the season's final game against the Dallas Desire canceled, according to the LFL website, because of the "league not wanting to risk serious injury in a meaningless game played between two 0-3 teams."

Who cares?

Can we see the cover again?

playboy01 large.jpg


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