Capitol Hill Man Comes Home to Find Two Sisters and a Dude Having a Threesome on His Scooter

Our buddy Jonah Spangenthal-Lee at SeattleCrime posted a doozy of a story on Friday that's tough to let slip by. It involves the following: two sisters, two dudes (one having more fun than the other), one scooter, one ashtray, and a supposed gun-wielding cousin.

Apparently, police were called to Capitol Hill last week after a guy came home to his apartment complex at 11th Avenue and Denny Way to find two half-naked women banging one half-naked man in his carport.

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According to a police report, the trio was "naked and messing with the victim's scooter."

When the scooter's owner interrupted them, instead of an invite, he supposedly got an ashtray thrown at him and a threat from one of the women that her cousin would shoot him.

And since the two women in the ménage à trois were sisters, one would be safe to assume that the family's loyalties might extend beyond screwing to exacting revenge as well.

Capitol Hill Seattle also posted a pic of the sullied carport.

threesome carport.jpg
See if you can pick out the oil stains from the "other" stains
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