Boise Police Unleash "Rumbler" Siren That Lets People "Feel" When Cops Are Coming

In Seattle, people usually know the cops have arrived because someone gets shot, kicked, or pushed into a wall. Not so in Boise! The police there just unveiled a new siren device, so people can actually "feel" the cops coming.

It's called the "Rumbler," and while it's not completely new to the country (a handful of police departments have picked it up since it debuted in 2008), it appears to be new to the Pacific Northwest.

As KTVB reports, the Rumbler sends out deep, rumbling vibrations along with the police siren's three audible weapons: the "wail," the "yelp," and the "high-low."

Here are the components:


Boise Officer Mike Ruffalo says it's his favorite police gadget since the baton:

"A normal siren, people might hear it, but not know where it's coming from," Ruffalo said. "But if we activate the Rumbler, then they'll feel it and that will make them look in all their mirrors. It actually kind of shakes the mirrors a little and then they'll say 'Okay, there's a police officer behind me, I need to slow down, merge over to right or make space for us to go through.'"

Mark Jamieson, Seattle PD's spokesman, tells Seattle Weekly that the SPD doesn't have Rumblers yet.

But knowing that deep, loud vibrations coming from a vehicle will make people pull over makes me all the more certain that splurging on a set of subwoofers for my car stereo is a great investment.

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