Boeing, Microsoft Trade Association Pleads to Let Boy Scouts Keep Pervert Files Secret

The Boy Scouts of America has six boxes of what it calls "perversion files"--details on all the sex offenders, pervs, and criminals who have applied for jobs, worked for the BSA, committed crimes, or broke the rules while with the organization. Victims of molestation at the hands of BSA employees would like to see those files. So would the press. But the BSA, and now also a trade organization representing some of the biggest names in technology and business (including Microsoft and Boeing), thinks those skeletons should be kept in the closet where they're safe.

The AP reports Monday night that the trade association TechAmerica has filed a brief in Oregon's Supreme Court, arguing that forcing the BSA to disclose its File o' Creeps would put their own trade secrets at risk.


"The trial court's interpretation of [the Oregon Constitution] is so broad that it would preclude any protection of trade secrets at evidentiary hearings or trials," wrote TechAmerica attorney Lori I. Bauman.

The case in question has to do with six men who sued the Boy Scouts over past abuses while they were Scouts.

One in particular filed a separate suit and won about $20 million in damages and punitive awards from the Boy Scouts, the Cascade Pacific Council, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

At a previous trial 20 years ago, 1,247 files were released by a lower court--more than 1,000 of which detailed child abuse. Both victims and press organizations have sought the remaining files.

Now the state's Supreme Court will have its say.

Microsoft, Boeing, General Electric Co., IBM, Qwest, and Texas Instruments have either only verified they they are represented by TechAmerica and then refused comment, or just refused comment altogether, says the AP.

But when a company's interests become suddenly aligned with those of pedophiles, perverts, and the people who keep their actions secret, things can admittedly get a little embarrassing.

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