WikiLeaks Supporters Try to Hack Amazon, Settle for PayPal Instead

"Anonymous Operations," the unofficial name of an unofficial group of internet hackers looking to seek revenge against websites that they think have wronged WikiLeaks, had planned on attacking Amazon today in a move called "Operation Payback." But apparently the Seattle-based company was a bit too large of a beast to take down, so they're now settling for PayPal.

The group announced in one of several Tweets: "WWW.AMAZON.COM LOCKED ON!!" and posted instructions on how anyone could join the hack using their own computers.

Then, later, the group announced: "We can not attack Amazon, currently. The previous schedule was to do so, but we don't have enough forces."

Now, it seems the group is focusing its efforts on Palo Alto, Calif.-based money-transferring site PayPal, which recently shut out WikiLeaks after claiming the U.S. State Department told them that working with the controversial site was illegal--a claim that's been widely disputed.

So far, the PayPal website seems to be working fine (if maybe a little slow). So it's unclear whether the hackers "don't have enough forces" to tackle it, either.

If not, perhaps they'll aim even lower and switch to attacking Tableau Software, the much smaller Seattle company that gave WikiLeaks the boot from using its graph-making software last week. Let's hope not.

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