Virginia Stevens, Pill-Popping, Boob-Job-Botching, Patient-Banging Doctor, Has Her License Pulled by State

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For six years, Virginia Stevens ran her doctor's offices in Woodinville and Issaquah less like medical facilities and more like seedy dive bars. She botched a boob job, avoided record-keeping, let aides administer Botox and laser treatment, and had sex with a patient, at least part of which came while maintaining her own booze-and-pill habit.

That's why Washington's Medical Quality Assurance Commission pulled her license on Wednesday, saying "No more doctoring for you."

The P-I has the story and cites incidents like that in 2004, when she let an unlicensed employee perform laser hair removal that left a patient permanently scarred.

Stevens' record-keeping was apparently sketchy throughout her tenure at the Hypatia Aesthetic and Laser Treatment Clinic in Woodinville, and the Pelage Spa and Skin Centre in Issaquah.

The results of this were never as blatant, however, as when she royally screwed up a patient's breast-lift operation in 2007, which caused her boob to only droop more. Then, when she went back to do corrective surgeries, she apparently couldn't find the sutures that she'd placed previously. And even when a third doctor tried to right Stevens' wrongs, he couldn't, because her records didn't keep track of what she'd done beforehand.

All that almost makes the time last year--when she admitted to a oversight board that she had an alcohol- and prescription-pain-pill problem, and in 2007, when she decided to have sex with a patient--seem the least of her crimes.

All that and more can be read in the P-I story.

So let's have a look at some of her patient comments on, a doctor rating website where she enjoys a 1.5 star rating out of four stars.

Virgina stevens is the most inhumane doctor if you can even call her that, She has no interest in the patient at all. She is a self centered hypocrite

I allowed myself to be talked into this procedure quickly because IF YOU PAID GREEN CASH, you got this wonderful discount. I fell for it completely. I can only compare it to going into purchase a car alone and being swindled. The entire process has been nothing but a nightmare and I would never recommend Dr. Stevens to anybody. Then I did go to the site and see that Dr. Stevens is in hot water and had to close her clinic...that doesnt surprise me one bit.

I waited over an hour for my appointment and during that time I listened to a patient screaming and crying in pain. When she came in for my filler she stuck her dirty fingers in my mouth.

Here's the good doctor's sales pitch as to why you should let her suck the fat from your body with a tube.

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