Two Woodinville High Students Arrested For Shooting Pregnant Woman With Pellet Gun

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If the cops are right, then the idea of a good time for a couple Woodinville teens is stealing shit out of cars and playing sniper with a pellet gun and passing pedestrians.

The duo, a 15 and 16-year-old, who go to Woodinville High, were arrested not long after a pregnant woman was strolling home from work, then heard a loud "pop" and felt a pain in her shoulder. When she got home she found that, holy moley, she'd been shot.

She called an ambulance and medics found the pellet lodged in her shoulder. King County Sheriff's Deputies went back to the place the woman said she was shot at and found that a teenager lived in one of the houses. He had one of his buddies visiting.

As King County Sheriff's Sgt John Urquhart puts it: "We may not be Scotland Yard, but it didn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out where we should start looking!"

After one of the kid's parents let deputies in, they searched the house, found a pellet gun and found a bunch of loot they think was from recent car prowls.

Shortly after, the teens were booked into the Youth Center (Juvy).

No word on whether the little Lee Harvey Oswalds practiced on any small neighborhood animals before they allegedly graduated to shooting humans.

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