Tommy Lee Wants SeaWorld to Stop Jerking Off Orcas With Cow Vaginas

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No, that headline is not just a random collection of words we pulled out of a Mötley Crüe Mad Lib. Drummer and Kid Rock arch-nemesis Tommy Lee just sent a letter to SeaWorld, demanding that they stop using warm water-filled cow vaginas to jack off Tilikum, the homicidal orca, who used to kill people in Victoria, B.C., before moving to Orlando, Fla., and doing the same.

As TMZ reports, there are conflicting accounts on whether trainers truly climb into tanks with whales and charm their snakes with cow vaginas so they can collect sperm--PETA says they do, SeaWorld says they don't.

We're guessing they don't.

Lee, however, isn't letting that stop him. He's erring on the safe side and demanding that any deviant sexual practices that have not yet been thoroughly tested in his backstage groupie lab be condemned in the strongest language possible.

Here's his letter.

tommylee letter.jpg

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