Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Councilmember, Unleashes Ozzie the Rat-Catching Dog in Effort to Clean Up Downtown

The photo (after the jump) really speaks for itself on this one. But for context, Tom Rasmussen, Seattle's most dapper councilman, posted a blog entry on Monday extolling his efforts at cleaning up downtown, which include beefing up garbage collection and scraping gum off sidewalks (and by "his efforts" I mean the efforts of CleanScapes, which is apparently donating some of its services). But among those dedicated workers he notes is a dog called "Ozzie the Rat Catcher." Can you guess what Ozzie's job is?

Turns out dogs are great rat catchers. Hell, rat terriers are an entire breed bent on just that (well, that and stealing leftovers out of the trash). Ozzie, however, is a miniature dachshund, a breed less known for killing rats than for fitting into purses.

For some video proof of rat-hunting hounds, just do a YouTube search for "rat catching dog" and watch the hijinks ensue (we'd post it here, but, as many of our readers are passionate animal lovers--even of rats--the graphic scenes might make for a small-scale riot).

Anyhow, Ozzie is apparently quite the rat killer himself, as evidenced in this photograph taken on Pike Street.

Ozzie rat catcher01.jpg
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