Today in Sex: Chris Brown is Still a Fetid Wet Turd

Just a week after proudly displaying his diploma from Domestic Violence class, Chris Brown has shown the world that five years of ongoing probation, six months of community service and 52 weeks of how-not-to-be-a-wifebeater classes have had absolutely no impact on his stupidity level. A little over a week after Tweeting, "I have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class. Boys run from their mistakes. Men learn from them," the singer went on a homophobic rant after a musician named Raz B Tweeted, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can niggas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

First of all, Raz B, I think by "intelligent" you actually mean "hot," because with your freestylin' approach to grammar, punctuation and spelling, you're not exactly in a position to judge smarts. But I digress.

Regardless of boring grammatical issues, Chris Brown quickly proved himself to be the bigger douche, tweeting back, "Nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy."

I hope someone's going to make Dick in Da Booty Ass Lil Boy their rap name because if not, I'm snatching that one up for myself.

Brown went on to tweet several more homophobic insults, in one, eluding to Raz B's public disclosure that when he was part of teen sensation B2K, the band's manager (who was also his cousin) molested him over several years:

"Tell me this!! Why when the money was coming in you won't complaining about getting butplugged! When I need tips on how to demolish my career I'll call ya!!!!! (sic)"

Nice, right? But don't worry--Brown isn't a gay-hater. Nah, nothing of the sort. He later clarified, "I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

Thanks for clearing that up, Chris. I'm sure some of your best friends are gay. Ahem.

His publicist or handler has since scrubbed his Twitter feed clean, but honey, the internet never forgets. And Lord knows I love me some Twitter, but both of you should note that feuds conducted via Tweets make you look like 12-year-olds. Did Biggie and Tupac duke it out in 140-character put-downs? I think not. Even Kid Rock and Tommy Lee broke it down with a slap fight.

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